Delphia 12 Sedan

Delphia 12 Sedan

A stunning 12-meter motorboat, the Delphia 12 is the crown jewel of the Delphia range, embodying harmony and high performance, inviting you to truly connect with the sea and discover an exceptional experience, all from the comfort of its bright and welcoming spaces.

Give in to the charms of the modern design and sleek lines of the Delphia 12 Diesel, which effortlessly and harmoniously blends aesthetics with functionality. Each detail has been meticulously designed to offer you smooth and enjoyable sailing experiences, so you can disconnect and embrace a carefree retreat on the water.


Designers : Andrzej Skrzat / Tony Castro Yacht Design

Key features

Solar energy


With Delphia’s photovoltaic system, you can extend your visits to secluded areas without needing to get back to a marina to recharge your batteries.

Fully equipped kitchen


As meals shared in good company always make for wonderful memories, the design of the Delphia 12 Sedan integrates a practical and functional kitchen space.

360° view from the helm


Large windows offer a generous view of your surroundings, also letting in plenty of natural light.

Fully covered cockpit, protected from the elements


Delphia offers owners the option of enjoying nature in comfort and with peace of mind, thanks to its extended roof.

Additional access to the boat


A bow sprit facilitates access to the boat.

Delphia 12 Sedan


Designed for exploring the coast and inland waters, the Delphia 12 offers extended autonomy and generous storage spaces — the perfect choice for adventures with total freedom. 

  • 2.65 m air draft to facilitate passing under most bridges
  • Extra-wide side decks, partially covered
  • 4 access points to the cockpit
  • Side door for the person at the wheel
Delphia 12 Sedan
Delphia 12 Sedan
Delphia 12 Sedan
Delphia 12 Sedan
Delphia 12 Interior
Delphia 12 Interior
Delphia 12 Interior
Delphia 12 Interior
Delphia 12 Interior
Delphia 12 Interior
Delphia 12 Interior

Delphia 12 Sedan


As you step into the spacious interior of the Delphia 12 Sedan, you’ll discover an exceptionally peaceful and calming ambiance. The exceptional quality of the materials and the attention paid to the finishing details create a peaceful haven on board. The well-appointed cabins offer comfortable spaces designed for relaxing. The Delphia 12 is equipped with a powerful and reliable diesel engine(s), combining energy efficiency and high performance.

  • Private bathroom in the master cabin
  • Separate shower cubicle
  • Living spaces on 1 level
  • Extremely bright interior with particular attention paid to ventilation

Delphia 12 Sedan

Main deck

  1. 2 opening small hatches 
  2. Folding radar mast 
  3. Electric sliding roof hatch 
  4. Folding antennas 
  5. Bow sprit

Delphia 12 Sedan


  1. L-shaped cockpit bench seat 
  2. Side exit doors 
  3. Sliding side door at helm 
  4. Owner’s cabin with private bathroom 
  5. Guest cabin with double bed

Delphia 12 Sedan


  • Length overall

    13,40 m / 43'11"

  • Hull length

    12 m / 39'4"

  • Beam

    4,26 m / 13'12"

  • Light displacement

    8 500 kg / 18 739 Ibs

  • Air draft

    2,65 m / 8'8"

  • Draft

    0,84 m / 2'9"

  • Fresh water tank

    200 L + 300 L/ 43 gal. UK + 65 gal. UK

  • Engine power

    110HP - 230HP

  • Fuel tank

    300 L + 300 L / 65 gal. UK + 65 gal. UK

  • CE - category

    B8 - C12