Our Philosophy



Getting back to nature

Getting back to life's simple pleasures: a tranquil stroll, a picnic on the beach, a bike ride, catching up with friends and family over a cup of coffee (or glass of wine).  Simple pleasures that allow for connecting with others and reconnecting with yourself. Here at Delphia, we believe that true luxury lies in sharing authentic moments, in calm and peaceful settings, with the people that you love.  Our boats are designed to be bubbles of comfort, harmony and relaxation, created with great care and attention to detail in order to reduce our environmental impact. Our noiseless and zero-emission electric propulsion lets you fully immerse yourself in nature, with greater respect for the environment.

Here at Delphia, we are:

  • Calm, because we believe that deceleration is essential to peace of mind.
  • Reflective, because we know that everything we do needs to make sense, both for our clients and for us.
  • Mindful, because we know that sailing needs to evolve to become more sustainable.
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Environmentally responsible

Reducing our carbon footprint to focus on the nature around us and protecting flora and fauna. Producing sustainable boats for sharing exceptional moments and quality time together. 



Sustainability isn’t just about the environment; it’s also about our well-being. It’s a way of thinking and acting, and it should be a guiding principle for us all.



The Origins

Backed by knowledge and skill acquired over more than 30 years of experience and reinforced with the expertise and ambition provided by Groupe Bénéteau since 2018, a clear ambition arose in Delphia’s birthplace, amidst the Masurian lakes in Poland: to become the spearhead in electric sailing in inland waters and coastal areas, with 100% electric ranges by 2025.

Delphia Boats

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Our boats

Our boats are designed for you.
Slow down in style and comfort.
Retreat to the inland waterways in a sustainable way.
Share a peaceful and mindful experience with the ones you love.