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The Origins


The origins

30 years of expertise

Delphia was born in the city of Olecko, located Northeast Poland in a region surrounded by lakes. Founded by two passionate brothers, Piotr and Wojciech Kot, it soon became the largest shipyard in Poland.

With its 30 years of expertise, you can fully trust Delphia regarding the quality of its premium products and its acute knowledge of the beautiful inland waters.

In 2018, the Polish-based Delphia shipyards joined the BENETEAU Group. A true synergy of expertise was created, and it allowed the brand to take an international dimension.

Colmar our vision

About us

Our Vision

Delphia stands for a new approach in cruising on inland waters. We believe that time has become the most valuable resource in our busy lives. Our boats are designed and built to help you get the most out of them while creating unforgettable experiences with your loved ones. All this in the most beautiful places of the world while respecting nature.

our philosophy

About us

Our Philosophy

We build boats that are specifically designed for the lakes and rivers of the world. We love slow and quiet cruises where we can fully connect with our friends, family, and with nature. We are mindful cruisers.

D11 diesel sedan ext

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Our boats

Our boats are designed for you.

Slow down in style and comfort.

Retreat to the inland waterways in a sustainable way.

Share a peaceful and mindful experience with the ones you love.