The Origins


The origins

Over 30 years of expertise

Delphia was first established 30 years ago in Poland in the heart of the Masurian Lake District, known as the “land of a thousand lakes”. Since then, it has been a pioneer in the production of custom-designed boats. Inspired by nature, Delphia is intent on offering customers an unprecedented level of relaxation onboard, characterised by the use of smart solutions and sustainable materials.

At Delphia, we call it mindful cruising.

With the future in mind, we designed a collection of 7 models, ranging from 9 to 13 metres (30’ to 42’). For us, 2025 is an important milestone. Delphia will make a giant step towards creating a greener environment, by replacing internal combustion engines and going 100% electric.

This is just Delphia’s first step towards reducing our carbon footprint and making the world a better place.

luca-bravo-hFzIoD0F_i8-unsplash Lago di Braies, Italy

About us

Our Vision

Breathing. Taking your time. Sharing with loved ones.
Here at Delphia, we’re all about slow, quiet sailing. 

Philosophie delphia

About us

Our Philosophy

Getting back to life's simple pleasures: a tranquil stroll, a picnic on the beach, a bike ride, catching up with friends and family over a cup of coffee (or glass of wine).

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Our boats are designed for you.
Slow down in style and comfort.
Retreat to the inland waterways in a sustainable way.
Share a peaceful and mindful experience with the ones you love