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Sustainability isn’t just about the environment; sustainability is also about people’s well-being. It is a way of thinking and acting, and a principle we must be guided by.

wind turbine


Our electric propulsion system has a very positive carbon footprint as it doesn’t create any type of pollution, it is silent and doesn’t produce any heat nor fuel odours. 

We have a carefully chosen our partner for our thermal propulsion system: Yanmar, whose diesel engines comply with the latest regulations and standards regarding emissions.

solar pannels electricity


With our clean and emission-free energy created with solar panels, we offer a renewable source of electricity on board.

We chose LED lights for our boats because they consume almost 5 times less energy than regular lights.

Flexiteek materials


Four our boats, we chose Flexiteek 2G rather than traditional tropical hardwoods. Flexiteek 2G is a sustainable alternative, minimising our environmental footprint and it is easy to recycle.

Our balsa wood is biodegradable and comes from sustainable plantations which are managed responsibly with eco-friendly harvesting and processing.

The wood for onboard furniture comes from certified sustainable forests that are managed with the utmost respect for biodiversity. It allows us to have full supervision of the supply chain and ensures product traceability. 



We have chosen to use as much recycled fibres, yarns and fabrics as possible to ultimately create less waste. 

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Waste managment   

On board, you will find large tanks for water and waste to allow you to dispose of your waste when docked.


And to go further 

We promote e-mobility by having a dedicated charging point for e-bikes on our boats.  

our philosophy

About us

Our philosophy

We build boats that are specifically designed for the lakes and rivers of the world. We love slow and quiet cruises where we can fully connect with our friends, family, and with nature. We are mindful cruisers.

Colmar our vision

About us

Our vison

Delphia stands for a new approach in cruising on inland waters. We believe that time has become the most valuable resource in our busy lives. Our boats are designed and built to help you get the most out of them while creating unforgettable experiences with your loved ones. All this in the most beautiful places of the world while respecting nature.


About us

The origins

With its 30 years of expertise, you can fully trust Delphia regarding the quality of its premium products and its acute knowledge of the beautiful inland waters.

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Our boats

Our boats are designed for you.

Slow down in style and comfort.

Retreat to the inland waterways in a sustainable way.

Share a peaceful and mindful experience with the ones you love.