Canal du midi

Delphia cruise on the Canal du Midi: calm, relaxation and river tourism


The song of the cicadas, the sound of sunshine and hours that stretch out peacefully... No doubt about it, we're in the South of France, on the tranquil waters of the Canal du Midi.
Here, a several day cruise as an immediate escape from the daily grind. A chance to slow down. 

For a relaxing break with friends or family, Delphia boats are the perfect allies for cruising the 240 kilometers of this UNESCO World Heritage site. You'll be able to contemplate nature in complete serenity, without forgetting the picturesque villages you'll pass through and the many engineering structures along the way. 

As you sail along, natural wonders cascade one after the other: since the 17th century, the genius of Pierre-Paul Riquet, the founder of the Canal du Midi, has known no limits! 

Canal du midi

An exceptional route for discovering our heritage

Sailing on the Canal du Midi means choosing to explore this part of France in a different way. Away from the stress of the road traffic, this crossing of the Occitanie region is experienced as you make your stops.

The canal starts in Toulouse, and leads to the Etang de Thau at Marseillan, then on to the Mediterranean Sea via Sète. The landscapes change throughout the cruise, as the Canal du Midi passes through Haute-Garonne, Aude, Hérault and the Tarn, where its water supply system is located. It's a great way to take in the sights while at the helm! 

Canal du midi

Delphia's favorite spots on the Canal du Midi

There are many points of interest on the Canal du Midi: there are no fewer than 328 engineering structures along the route, that's one structure for every kilometer!

At Delphia, one of our favorites is the Malpas tunnel. Cut directly into the rock, it is now the oldest navigation tunnel in Europe. We also love the hamlet of Le Somail, not far from Narbonne, for its lovely bridge, peaceful charm and friendly atmosphere. 

And when it comes to stopover towns and villages, there's plenty to choose from in this corner of France. Toulouse, Revel, Narbonne, Béziers, Agde and Sète all boast architectural treasures, varied entertainment and delicious culinary specialities. Around here, we can't resist exploring the cobblestones of the medieval city of Carcassonne and eating a delightful cassoulet in Castelnaudary.

Canal navigation rules and advice

The Canal du Midi is in high season from early April to early November, and navigation is free during this period. From 9am to 7pm, you can navigate the canal without having to check in at the locks. In low season, a specific request to get an authorization must be made to the “Voies Navigables de France”.

Before you set off, make sure you have a map of the Canal du Midi and a map of the locks. These documents will help you organize your itinerary and locate towns and points of interest to visit. 

To navigate properly on the Canal du Midi, it's important to know the rules of respect and safety, and to learn about navigation, lock crossing and mooring. Nothing complicated if you listen carefully to the advice given by the professionals when you receive the keys to your boat.

For example, it is strictly forbidden to swim in the canal waters, and it is not permitted to moor your boat to a tree. You can only park your boat in the marinas and rest areas along the route.

Canal du midi

A peaceful, contemplative holiday

As speed is limited to 8 km/h on the canal, it is possible to sail without a license. Discovering the area at a slower speed is the key to making your navigation less polluting and more respectful of the environment, so don't hesitate to decelerate during your trip! When approaching bridges, locks and other structures, speed should be reduced to 3 km/h in any case.

The Delphia 12 and 11 are perfect for a stay on the Canal du Midi with all the comforts of home. Flylounge models offer plenty of space for the whole family to enjoy. As for the Sedans, they are very bright vessels with the advantage of having all the living areas on the same level. An added bonus: these spacious boats are easy to handle, so you can spend quality time with your whole family!    

What could be better than sailing in total silence, and being able to get close to wildlife without impacting their environment? Because eco-responsible sailing is at the heart of the Delphia brand, the Delphia 11 and Delphia 10 ranges are also available with 100% electric engines. Zero odor, zero noise, zero emissions, for a style of cruising that respects biodiversity. At Delphia, we call it Mindful Cruising.

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Practical info: In the region, our Delphia boats are available from our ConstanceBoat dealer based in Aigues-Mortes (30 Rue du Port, 30220 Aigues-Mortes - 04 66 77 30 04 -


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