Lake Balaton: a magnificent backdrop for the Delphia 10 Loungetop


Head east to Hungary with the Delphia 10 LoungeTop to discover all the beauty of Lake Balaton! With its sublime landscapes conducive to relaxation, this destination is the favorite historic vacation spot for Hungarians and many foreign vacationers throughout the seasons.


Easily accessible by train or car from Budapest, Lake Balaton is the largest freshwater lake in Central and Western Europe with its 4.4 hectares. The Hungarian Inland Sea has the particularity of having an average depth of 3.25 meters, which allows the water to warm up quickly in summer.

An additional advantage for enjoying a Delphia cruise in Hungary!





A perfect lake for a cruise stay

For the record, it was in the seaside resort of Balatonfüred that the first steamboat was inaugurated in 1846. In the meantime, Lake Balaton became the first lake in Europe to ban the circulation of motorboats in order to preserve its fauna and flora.


To discover this Hungarian jewel, the Delphia 10 LoungeTop in electric version is the perfect boat. Very functional, it offers a dream setting to get together and reconnect with nature. Exploration is made easier thanks to the Delphia's shallow draft and its design which makes docking easy and safe. Its electric motor ensures smooth, emission-free navigation, perfect for respecting local wildlife.


The lake has more than 70 ports, enough to consider a number of excursions throughout your stay! Landscapes untouched by any human activity and well-appointed marinas line the shores of Lake Balaton, making your explorations and stopovers very pleasant.


Delphia favorites on the shores of Lake Balaton  

There will be many and varied stops during your cruise on Lake Balaton. In addition to the beautiful contemplations offered from your boat, a large number of hikes, bike rides and swimming explorations can punctuate your days.

At Delphia, we have a crush on the Tihany peninsula. This former fishing village known for its baroque-style Benedictine abbey and its lavender fields offers a magnificent view of the lake. Nicknamed the pearl of Lake Balaton, Tihany was Hungary's very first nature reserve.


We also love the peaceful atmosphere that emanates from Balatonfüred. The oldest seaside resort in the region is popular thanks to its local celebrities who enjoy recharging their batteries at the mineral-rich water springs.

A stroll along the elegant Tagore promenade allows you to appreciate the tranquility of the banks.


Lake Balaton also turns out to be a paradise for gourmets and wine lovers. The hilly region around the lake benefits from several different microclimates and is home to some of Hungary's best vineyards. A break on the heights of Badacsony is welcome to taste local white wines and fried pike perch caught in the lake.

Keszthely and its baroque castle, the thermal lake of Hévíz or the geological site of Hegyestű in Zánka can be other ideas for outings. Special mention also goes to the nearby Little Balaton nature reserve, a true ornithological paradise with its 250 species of birds.


In the heart of bird heaven aboard the Delphia 10 LoungeTop

Listed on the Ramsar Convention’s List of Wetlands of International Importance, the destination maintains exceptional biodiversity with its wild berries, marshy meadows and reed beds.
The shallow waters of the lake are home to nearly 2,000 species of algae and numerous fish.

These natural places also offer perfect refuges for the nesting and migration of several species of birds. During the migration and wintering seasons, Lake Balaton is an essential stopover for more than 30,000 ducks, geese and coots.

If you are passionate about ornithology, the destination has some great surprises in store for you!

Thanks to the Delphia 10 LoungeTop's silent navigation, in total harmony with nature, and its 360° view, you'll have a front-row seat to admire the spectacle of nature and its beautiful lights.

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