Electric Summit 2nd edition


Thursday, 30th November, 2023 Berlin Messe Fairgrounds, Marshall-Haus

The recreational boating sector is undergoing a major transformation with the integration of electric propulsion systems.
As environmental concerns and sustainable development take center stage, boat builders are increasingly turning to electric propulsion to reduce their carbon footprint and meet stringent emission standards.

This conference will explore the latest developments and advances in electric propulsion for boats, highlighting the benefits, challenges and future of environmentally-friendly boating.


A conference at the height of the environment

Climate protection is not only a global issue, but also one that is specific to each nation. It is becoming increasingly important. The evolution of environmental issues and the growing need to preserve our maritime ecosystems have propelled the marine industry towards in-depth reflection and concrete action.

That's why the boating world is working on new alternatives. Whether in terms of engines, construction or boat design, the ultimate aim is to contribute to a healthier environment.


Electric Summit: for a sustainable future for waterways in Germany

The Electric Summit initiative is part of this approach. This second edition, following on from the first in August 2023, will continue the debate on water conservation and sustainability in Germany.

The discussions planned for the event are aimed at forging a greener future for waterways. For this reason, key representatives of the economy, associations, major players in the electric mobility industry and political representatives will be communicating and exchanging ideas on future projects and new concepts for electric mobility on water.



Delphia at the heart of the discussions

Two 60-minute discussion panels will be set up during the event.

The first, in English, will feature contributions from international professionals.

The second will focus more specifically on the situation in Germany. This is an opportunity to combine the expertise, knowledge and visions of the major players in electric boating. 

In this context, Martin Schemckes, Delphia's brand manager, will speak on the following subjects: the future of electric propulsion, the installation of charging stations on inland waters, and Delphia's role in these environmental, social and technical challenges.



The Delphia brand is strongly committed to the transition to electric propulsion and conscious navigation.

Martin Schemckes is a key player in this transition. A speaker at the first conference on electric power, he works with associations and government bodies to create infrastructures.

Electric propulsion, already offered by Delphia, is revolutionizing the recreational boating sector, offering a cleaner, more sustainable alternative to traditional fuel engines.

Delphia is committed to working day after day to model this future of a more environmentally-friendly and efficient marine sector.