River cruise on the Elbe, from Berlin to Hamburg


Would you like to explore Germany on a relaxing river cruise? You will definitely find what you are looking for and more on the waters of the Elbe, between Berlin and Hamburg!

Aboard the Delphia 12 FlyLounge, explore the different German Länder between the city and nature. Along its 1,094 kilometers, the Elbe abounds in unsuspected treasures, providing the ideal setting for a river cruise at the helm of your Delphia.

The unique feature of Germany's third-largest river is the variety of shorelines, from nature reserves to bustling city life.
The Delphia 12 FlyLounge's large outdoor saloon and sunbathing areas are the perfect spots to watch the German landscape unfold as the water flows by.




The most beautiful ports of call along the Elbe in a Delphia 12 FlyLounge

With its spaciousness and unrivaled comfort, the Delphia 12 FlyLounge lets you explore Germany's many tributaries and canals with the pleasant feeling of being at home. For example, to get to Berlin, you will need to take the Oder-Havel Canal, to navigate the Havel and then the Spree, which flows through the German capital.


Like us, you are bound to fall in love with Berlin and its beautiful multicultural character. The boat's two cabins have plenty of storage space, making your escapades a breeze. So you will have all your wardrobe to hand for exploring Museum Island and reliving over 6,000 years of history, or for enjoying the famous Berlin nights!


On the way to the Elbe, Potsdam and Brandenburg-on-the-Havel are exciting ports of call, where you can relax and enjoy meals in the Delphia 12 FlyLounge's fully equipped galley.
On the Elbe side, the city of Magdeburg, one of the oldest in Germany's eastern Länder, is worth a visit for its cultural and architectural diversity.

Tangermünde, Havelberg and Lüneburg are also good places to put on your cruising map for further exploration. You will be able to savour Germany's medieval charm throughout your trip!

With their traditional architecture, these towns on the Elbe are like postcards straight out of history books. Promising, isn’t it?


As you sail down the river, don't miss the incredible view, from the comfort of the outside cockpit. You can now see the gates of Hamburg, only a few knots away. The maritime charm of this German city and its dynamic city life make it one of Europe's most beautiful metropoles.

Take a stroll through the historic centre, visit the Elbe Philharmonic and enjoy a delicious Fischbrötchen in the harbour.


Conscious cruises in the heart of nature

While there is no shortage of cities to discover on the banks of the Elbe, the peace and quiet of nature will also be a feature of your Delphia cruise. With its 360° view, you will have a front-row seat to enjoy the many protected natural areas you will pass through between Berlin and Hamburg.


Not far from Brandenburg-on-the-Havel is the Untere Havelniederung, one of the most extensive wetlands in Central Europe. Beavers and otters roam the area in their natural habitat.


The Elbe landscape is unique in Europe, with its floodplains and natural areas. The Elbe River Landscape Biosphere Reserve was recognised by UNESCO in 1997.

This natural area is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including cranes and wild geese, white-tailed eagles, whooper swans and storks.

To respect this wildlife as much as possible while enjoying the show, the 110 HP engines in the Delphia 12 FlyLounge run on HVO diesel (hydrotreated vegetable oil).


A relaxing sailing experience with Delphia

As you sail along the Elbe, you will find several small ports of call within easy reach of the boat. You will be able to take time to explore the surrounding area by bike and take advantage of the local markets to cook yourself some tasty meals on board your Delphia.

In town or the country, the Delphia 12 FlyLounge, designed for peaceful cruising where conviviality, elegance and safety are the keywords, will blend in perfectly with its surroundings.


Before starting your river trip in Germany, make sure you are aware of the regulations in force, as they may change depending on the Länder you are passing through.

Don't hesitate to contact your local Delphia dealer if you'd like more details about planning your Delphia cruise in Germany.


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