Delphia Yachts and Aqua superPower announce their strategic partnership


Delphia Yachts and Aqua superPower Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Clean Electric Boating to Mindful Cruising
Martin Schemkes, Delphia Brand Director & Alex Bamberg, CEO Aqua superPower

Delphia Yachts and Aqua superPower announce their strategic partnership to stimulate the adoption of clean electric boating. 

The two companies will be working together to support Delphia dealers and customers with a widespread and efficient electric boat charging network. The partnership will enhance marine charging infrastructure with Aqua superPower charge points along growing charging corridors.

Delphia and Aqua superPower will promote clean and silent electric boating to end-users and marinas with joint events, such as mini conferences. The two companies will also identify potential research projects which would be beneficial to blue innovation and clean marine technology development. With ‘Mindful Cruising’ as its central vision, Delphia has been successfully promoting its unique concept made for inland waterways and coastal areas throughout Europe and has ambitious plans to expand in this market globally.

Aqua superPower has been successfully promoting e-boating systems with electric propulsion since 2021 and has a wide experience in building and operating charging networks of DC superchargers and lower powered overnight AC chargers in the marine sector.

Aqua superPower’s marine fast charge network operates globally including in France, Monaco, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the UK, the USA, and many more destinations to follow.

Delphia launched its first version Delphia 10 series using 100% electrically propelled engines in August last year.

At Delphia, we are designing and building boats for peaceful retreats where we can fully connect with our friends, family, and nature. Together with AquaSuperPower we are on a mission to make electric navigation accessible everywhere. With 4 models launched in one year, Delphia Yachts has a goal: be fully electric by 2025. By working with Aqua superPower we aim to offer our customers a strong charging network to go mindfully cruising on inland waterways and coastal  sheltered areas. Because sustainability isn’t just a way of thinking but also a way of acting.

says Martin Schemkes,  Brand Director at Delphia.

Delphia 10 Delphia 10 Delphia 10 Delphia 10

Delphia’s strategy is to build boats that are specifically designed to enable their owners to live unique outdoor experiences and to explore vast networks of canals, rivers, lakes, and coastal areas surrounded by beautiful landscapes. As part of its proactive contribution to creating a more sustainable environment and its vision as a mindful cruiser, Delphia is committed to building only electric boats by 2025. Clean marine e-mobility works best when electric boat users can take advantage of conveniently located, reliable charging stations throughout their local area. Delphia and Aqua superPower will jointly identify key target areas in Europe’s Inland waters where such charging infrastructure is needed.

Aqua’s mission is to reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment - an aim that closely mirrors Delphia’s sustainability commitments and vision of mindful cruising. Our partnership with Delphia will significantly expand the Aqua network in Inland waterways for the benefit of their customers and all electric boat users. Working as official electric boat charging partner with a prestigious boat builder as Delphia, who are one of the leading brands of the Beneteau Group, is an endorsement of our credibility as the leading experts and operators in the sector. We look forward to positively contributing to Delphia’s sustainability objectives and to jointly promote clean electric boating.

Says Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower.


Aqua superPower’s network is designed to create a seamless user experience that is accessible to boat users via the Aqua app or RFID card, enabling users to view a map showing charger locations, offering navigational aids, and managing charging sessions.

The Aqua team has long-standing and successful experience in deploying electric vehicle charge point networks and is now transferring this knowledge developing technology, functionality and features tailored
specifically for the marine sector.


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Aqua superPower is the first fully marinised dockside network of fast chargers for electric boats. The product range includes AC and DC charging solutions with a current maximum power output of 150 kW, allowing DC compatible powerboats to rapidly recharge and extend their autonomy. Aqua superPower has developed the first supercharger specifically engineered and rated for use in marine environments. Built to IP65 standards, Aqua superPower is a revolutionary and sustainable marine charging solution.

The global electric boat market is expected to be worth over $20 billion by 2027. There are currently over 30 million recreational boats in the world. Assuming the boat market continues to grow in line with historical trends, it is likely there will be more than 1 million electric boats by 2030. Regulation will accelerate this trend. More and more areas will only be accessible to electric boats.

Source: IDTechEx, Electric Boats and Ships 2017-2027; Aqua estimates


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