DELPHIA 10 LOUNGE : A new version for mindful cruises on the cities


Connecting people by living true moments is the goal of the New Delphia 10 Lounge version. For all the urban sailors who dream of escaping with their crew along the canals, Delphia has designed the perfect electrical boat. This new day cruiser will be the must to have for fun and relaxing times in the middle of Amsterdam, Berlin or London.

The Lounge version focused on short retreat on the city’s canals follows the Sedan and LoungeTop versions offering respectively family cruises and exploration week-ends. Each version of the successful Delphia 10 reveals a distinctive identity.
The essence of Delphia 10 Lounge is an optimal urban social experience with great stability and absolute safety for peaceful cruises. Let’s navigate in total silence without impacting the environment.


A total freedom of movement  

Offering outstanding boating experience, Delphia 10 Lounge is setting new standards in its market segment of inland waterways area open cruisers. Whereas traditional vessels are most recognizable, the new Delphia 10 Lounge brings in elegant and modern interpretation. Innovative in terms of space design, the 12 seating positions in the cockpit offer an amazing environment for groups of friends and families who want to be close together and enjoy scenery while having a snack along the city.


Equipped for a total peace of mind

Using the wetbar the chef of the moment can prepare some basic meals and has two fridges available for cooling beverages at sunny days.
And as we know the weather can change, a complete cockpit enclosure has been designed to protect the guests from the elements and unwind.
Down below, spacious interior with up to 4 sleeping berths and a bathroom is the perfect set-up for a night onboard when the evening trip goes a little further.

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Come to meet us

The world premiere of the latest Delphia 10 will happen at the Boot Düsseldorf exhibition which will take place between the 21st and 29th of January 2023 in Germany