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5 ways to adopt the "Slow life"


When we talk about slow life, we talk about having time for oneself, slowing down, and enjoying personal space. But a slow life is more than that. It is a blend of self-respect and respect for the planet.

This movement began in the 1980s, in response to global acceleration.

Today, it has become a trendy subject. Everyone is talking about it. So, let us explain how to lead a perfect slow life.


Connect to nature

Buy plants – Taking care of nature is rewarding. It requires patience and investment.

Go for lots of walks outdoors – It is one of the best ways to get in touch with yourself. It is a form of active meditation and gives you a break from your life. Finally, it is important, because breathing fresh air clears your mind, stimulates your brain and is food for your soul.

Respect nature – Live a sustainable life and you will feel closer to nature.

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Learn to let go

There is no need to try to control everything. Focus on the essential, if you do not have time to do everything then do what really matters.

It is time to start enjoying the simple pleasures of life and to stop seeking superficial pleasures.


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Focus on breathing​

Well known from “wellness” exercises, it is essential to slow down your breathing.

The technique is as follows:

Start by listening to your breath for a few seconds from time to time during your day.

Then practise abdominal breathing, which instantly relaxes you: inhale deeply while inflating the stomach and then exhale while drawing it back in. Breathing like this exercises the diaphragm and helps us to relax when we accumulate too much stress.


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Disconnect  ​

Take breaks between activities any time you need to. Focus on listening to your mind and body when they communicate with you.

Read. Reading takes time. It involves focusing on the written word for some time and it forces us to come to grasps with the reality of time in our fast lives.

Keep a logbook or diary. It helps not to feel that we do not have enough time. Keeping a diary is a good way to keep track of our intentions, and to make sense of and disentangle our daily lives. Writing helps still the mind and take a step back, giving a things a brighter slant.

Do one thing at a time. We seldom take enough time to enjoy eating. It is important to enjoy sharing meals with friends and family. We need to devote time to eating without distractions.

Put your phone away when you are in company. It is a source of distraction and often makes you forget your surroundings and who you are with. Just once, try a digital detox and you will thank us.

It’s not about having time, it’s about making time.  Make your life slower and everything will seem easier